Academic Focus Group

The Academic Focus Group (affectionately known as the ‘afghans’) continues the Academic Talent Program into Year 11 and 12. Students are selected for the 11AFG because of their outstanding achievement in Year 10 and through teacher nominations. Initially, students are part of the AFG on a 6 month trial basis. The 12AFG is selected at the beginning of the final year. Students are selected on the basis of their Year 11 results. In previous years the majority of students in the 12AFG join the ’99 Club’ – students who achieve a Tertiary Entrance Rank of 99.

The program aims to enhance performance through developing study skills and additional tutoring in selected subjects – each year students participate in wonderful ‘Master Classes’ with academics and other subject experts. The Shenton AFG aims to create real positive momentum in the lead up to the final exams by creating an excitement in teaching and learning and significantly greater sophistication in understandings of course concepts and content.

The AFG succeeds in creating an elite teaching and learning community that supports students through the stresses of their final year.

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