Koreans say Shenton ATP shines

Shenton College was selected to host a delegation of Korean science teachers and students led by the President of the Korean Science Teachers Association, Mr Sandae Park. After viewing student work and listening to presenations, Mr Park commmented that Shenton College science was of an exceptionally high standard and as good as he has seen in the many countries of the world he visited. He likened the Shenton experience to that which students receive at Eton College, England.
Ashkan and Mr Park
The audience was both entertained and enthralled with the confidence and enthusiasm which Shenton science students displayed. Any communication difficulties were overcome with the expert translation provided by students, Min Ju Kim and Solomon Choi.

Presentations were given by BioGENEius winners Frances Harvey, who has acheived acclaim for identifying seven new species of spider in the Pilbara and Emily Philimore who described techniques she used in sequencing the genome of the oilseed Camolena. Emily poiinted out the great potential for Camolena to become a world wide food and biofuel provider. Again, ground breaking science.

Ashkan Moradi Zaniani presented his research which ranged from Aquaponics to the Central Nervous System. You will remember that Ashakan won a Science Creativity Award in Beijing this year and then became the WA champion in the Brain Bee Challenge.
Recent research by Year 8 students on the structure and function of various cells was represented by Olga Mazur (the physiology of guard cells and stomatal opening annd closure) and Rhiana Hocking- Katz (the structure and function of the neurone).

The fusion of art and science was showcased by Alex Castledon playing her musical score of the DNA sequence of Cyanobacterium16S ribsomal DNA and the David Ferri’s mathematical reflection about aspects of life on earth and other parts of the cosmos.

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