Go Louise!

Our Gateways Blog ‘posts’ most often record and report on the tremendous successes of the students within the program.

Not this time!

On Monday Louise Secker, leader of the humanities program at Shenton over many years, will learn if she has been selected as the Premier’s Teacher of the Year. This is the most prestigious teacher award in WA and one that recognises the magnificent professional efforts of WA teachers, and one in particular.

Louise is already a ‘winner’ in our eyes, but we wish her all the best on Monday. The nomination summary is below.

Louise is a passionate and committed classroom teacher. Her pursuit of the highest possible outcomes for her students has led her to inspired engagement with every level of education in this country. As such, she is the consummate educational leader: profoundly engaged with delivering rich educational experiences to her students, while simultaneously intervening in policy making to shape both the institutional and curriculum cultures she works within.

For over a decade she has been a key collaborator in the strategic development of her school through her instructional leadership, principally in the humanities and gifted and talented program. Her key contribution has guided the establishment of the Program to its present position as the preeminent partially selective program in Western Australia.

Louiseā€™s commitment to her profession is at the highest level. She has demonstrated through her leadership of professional organizations in W.A. and nationally, that she is a respected and authoritative teacher with a deep professional knowledge and understanding. Her professional practice is exemplary and has instructed her colleagues in establishing interdisciplinary creativity and innovation creativity at the centre of their practice. The student outcomes, both in academic results and in terms of participation and engagement, speak for themselves: they are consistently brilliant.

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