99+ Club

Finally the long wait is over for our Year 12s with the release of the 2010 ATARs.

The number of Shenton students achieving in the top 5% of the state was very high this year – 48 students achieved an ATAR over 95+.

We welcome 17 of these students into the very exclusive 99+ Club: Sarah Biddle, Tom Crowhurst, Anton Khau, Hannah Raffel, Sasha Quahe, May Pham, Harrison Davis, Haiming Zhu, Grace Hutchison, Kent Hosokawa, Mimi Helm, David Duan, Nic Dyer, Felix Pal, Lina Butenschon, Isabel Hughes and Guy McCauley.

Congratulations to all the Shentonites for their fantastic performance in their WACE exams. The average ATAR for the college was 87.70 compared with the state average of 78.20.

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